Monday, August 30, 2010

Group photo

Group photo

Tomorrow is the social and the group photo

Don’t forget to turn up

I have paid the money

We have to stand close to each other

Says one girl

The readers may think

It happened in college years back

Fine ,you can think so

Had a life estranged

From every one in every way

So I just went underground

To my limited shelters

What do you think?

Some complex

How does a poor,low caste fellow,

Dark to boot,live in kerala

Have you an idea?

Yes this is the experience of different people, in different places

Including that of woman

Don’t always read it as mine

That’s why I said

It does’nt have to be college

If it is,

We can strike work together,

Study together

But mind you I will disappear once in a while?

Haven’t you seen those who disappear once in a while?

She shows me the photo

One who stalked her is standing

Just behind her

Of her own caste

It’ because of this decease

He chose to stand there itself

You can remove him

And have my picture there instead

Time has changed

I am not doing that

There is a cursed life some Malayalees live all along

Translated by K.sachidanandan

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